Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends,
First of all, thank you to all our many members who have been so actively reaching out to us to inquire about the future of the Leo J Martin ski facility and the DCR’s plan to take over its management. We are so grateful for your interest and efforts on so many fronts.

We also would like to give you an update on the latest facility developments. The DCR is going forward with its plan to take over the management of the Leo J Martin winter facility. The Friends of Leo J Martin Skiing (FOLJMS) met with three representatives of the DCR in early September, among them DCR Deputy Commissioner Matthew Sisk. At the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Sisk assured us of his commitment and his intention to enhance, improve and expand the skiing operation. The DCR is due to shortly announce its plans for what grooming and snowmaking equipment it will purchase, as well as whom they’ll use as a consultant in the facility’s operation.

Deputy Sisk also informed us that the DCR had rejected FOLJMS alternative Master Plan, the plan that we have provided on our site at www.foljms.org on August 13, 2015 and that was mentioned in our last newsletter. While the DCR rejection of our plan was not our ideal outcome, the DCR committed to establishing active communication with FOLJMS regarding our input on how the DCR might best set up operations. FOLJMS has appointed two board members to speak very regularly with DCR on ski operations so we can provide as much support as possible in ensuring that the DCR builds on the success of the ski facility’s past 40 years. Should the DCR be unable to realize its goals, FOLJMS is developing an alternative plan for consideration by the Commonwealth. In any event, our goal remains to improve, enhance, and expand skiing at the Leo J Martin winter facility and at the moment, we are working hard to make sure that the season gets off to its intended on-time start.

Looking forward, FOLJMS will host a member’s Open House on Sunday, December 13 in the afternoon. Please attend! In November (date TBD) FOLJMS will also host our 2nd annual fall cleanup on the golf course in preparation for the new season.

We also have set up online donation capability on our site at www.foljms.org, if anyone would like to donate to help us in our mission to ensure the long-term success of the Leo J Martin ski facility. FOLJMS is a non-profit with 501(c) 3 status.

Thank you again for all your support and interest,