SnoCountry on DCR takeover of Leo J Martin Ski Facility

SnoCountry has also reported on the DCR takeover of the Leo J Martin ski facility.  Weston Ski Trace To Be Run By State Agency

Boston Globe Article on Weston Ski Track

Check out this article on the DCR takeover of the Weston Ski Track in The Boston Globe  

Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends, First of all, thank you to all our many members who have been so actively reaching out to us to inquire about the future of the Leo J Martin ski facility and the DCR’s plan to take over…

Summer Newsletter

Hello Friends, We hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the warm weather. As summer nears its end, we’d like to provide you an update on past and present skiing developments at the Leo J. Martin (LJM). Last year’s…

March Newsletter

What a great February it has been! With snow tallies over 100 inches, skiing at the Weston Ski Track has been phenomenal and so many have been able to enjoy it. Thanks to FOLJMS members’ efforts and those of the…

April 1 Closing Date for Weston Ski Track

Great News. The DCR has agreed to extend this season’s closing date for the Weston Ski Track to April 1, 2015. Happy skiing!!

February 1 Newsletter: The Latest from FOLJMS

Thank you for your membership and commitment to skiing at Leo J. Martin. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying some good skiing over the past couple weeks! We’d like to provide you with a few updates on the status of LJM skiing…

Happy 40th Leo J Martin Skiing!

Happy 40th Leo J Martin Skiing!

We had a successful 40th celebration of skiing at the Leo J Martin on Sunday, December 14. Many turned up to mark 40 years of linking skiing and golf at the Leo J Martin in Weston, MA. Above is a…

FOLJMS Auction – skis, gear, and more!

FOLJMS was a great success! Thank you to all who participated!

Olympian Noah Hoffman offers tips to xc skiers at Prospect Park

Read more about the Olympian Noah Hoffman’s visit with Eastern Mass Bill Koch skiers.